our passion for

Safety & Quality


We have a passion for Safety and Quality!

It is our fundamental belief that Safety and Quality are inseparable and form the basis for a successful company.



Health & Safety Policy


Zanron Mechanical Services and the senior management are vitally interested in the health and safety of our employees. Protection of our workers from injury or occupational disease is our first priority and underpins everything that we do (click the photo for our health and safety policy).


We believe that all workers have a right to return home safely at the end of each day and strive to adopt this culture throughout all levels of the business.


We pride ourselves on ensursing our crews review and understand hazards, put in place mitigations and look after one another to ensure safe delviery.


We firmly believe, "If it is not safe, STOP, and we will find another way"

Quality Policy


Zanron is committed to supplying products and services of the highest quality and in line with our customers expections (click the photo for our quality policy).


We treat quality seriously and have implemented a Qualty Management System that conforms to ISO 9001. We have experience in quality assurance and ensure all our work is tracked through our internal system.


We collaborate with our Clients to ensure we can provide them the required products / services and related documentation to satify the demanding enirovments of today.


We strive to always make it right, and if we falter, we will rectify the problem so we can deliver as promised. 


Dedicated to the pursuit of safe and quality production