About Us

Company Profile

Zanron Mechanical Services is a local Mechanical Contractor and Fabricator that has been servicing the Northwest for over 30 years. We have grown the business from a predominately fabrication and machining business to a full service mechanical contracting provider complete with engineering services.

Located in Kitimat, BC, we have a long and successful history serving our customers to deliver quality products and projects. With a clear focus on safety, innovation, quality and value, Zanron strives to work closely with our clients to ensure successful, on-time delivery. We specialize in the following areas:


  • Project Management, Design and Engineering
  • Structural Steel Detailing
  • Machining, Metal Fabrication and Painting
  • Sheetmetal and HVAC
  • Gas & Pipe Fitting
  • Site Installation and Maintenance Support



Zanron maintains the following certifications:


  • CWB W47.2
  • CWB W47.1
  • Technical Safety BC Boiler & Pressure Vessel Contractor Licence - Class A
  • Technical Safety BC Gas Contractor Licence
  • BC Construction Safety Certificate of Recognition (COR)
  • District of Kitimat - Business Licence
  • ISO 9001 Compliant

Union Affiliations


Zanron is signatory to the following BC unions:


  • Ironworkers Local 97
  • Pipefitters Local 170
  • Millwrights Local 2736
  • Sheetmetal Local 280
  • International Association of Machinists, Aerospace Workers Vancouver Lodge 692



1985 - 2015


Zanron Fabrication & Machine Co. Ltd was created to serve the local industrial plants.


Over the past 30 years Zanron grew from a small crew of 3 -4 employees to a steady workforce of 12 employess providing local fabrication and machining support to the local smelter and pulp and paper mill. In particular, Zanron provided spare parts and on-going consumables / repairs required by the smelter and mill.


During the Kitimat Modernization Project, Zanron was involved in the fabrication and painting of a variety of structural steel projects including pedestrian walkways, guarding, conveyor supports, anchor bolts etc.

2015 - 2023


Zanron Fabrication & Machine Co. Ltd was rebranded as Zanron Mechanical Services to reflect the changing nature of the business.


In 2015, Zanron came under new management with a new focus to grow and develop the business into a full service mechanical contractor. Over the past few years, the office has been renovated and extended, the fabrication shop renovated, new sandblasting and painting facilities built and a variety of new equipment purchased.


We have grown the business to an average of 50 - 100 employees working throughout the year to deliver turnkey projects and increase our support of the new Rio Tinto Kitimat smelter and LNG Canada project.

2023 - Current


A New Chapter in Zanron's Journey: Expansion and Collaboration


In 2023, Zanron embarked on a new chapter of growth and innovation, joining the Hillcore Group of Companies. This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone, ushering in an era of expanded leadership and enhanced capabilities. Under this new stewardship, Zanron is not just growing; we are evolving, widening our horizons to offer a more comprehensive range of services in industrial construction, fabrication, and maintenance.


Our integration with the Hillcore Group brings access to a wealth of resources and expertise, allowing us to collaborate with our sister companies. This synergy enhances our ability to deliver turnkey solutions and elevates our support for major projects, including the Rio Tinto Kitimat smelter and LNG Canada project. With a workforce fluctuating between 50 to 100 skilled employees annually, we are more equipped than ever to meet the diverse needs of our clients. At Zanron, we're not just building projects; we're building the future of industrial services, powered by a commitment to excellence and a network of collaborative expertise.